Where GPS does not work XYverify introduces simplicity and innovation with a new cloud-based location authentication factor that improves mobile security effectiveness with the Proximity-to-Transact service. XYverify developed its unique sensor fusion solutions to add real-time and trustworthy network-based location to improve situational awareness and location effectiveness in GPS-denied areas.

XYverify Solutions Redefine Fraud Protection for Mobile Transactions and Authentication

Instead of relying solely on GPS chipset to determine position, the XYverify semiconductor architecture gathers real-time seamless information from multiple radio systems and modules, such as cellular tower triangulation, Assisted-GPS, and Wi-Fi; together with multiple MEMS sensor data fusion, including magnetometer, altimeter, or gyroscope sensor; supplemented by NFC contactless element, Bluetooth, or Subscriber Identification Module (SIM); to better authenticate indoor geographical location transaction processing. XYverify authenticates by a geo-fence location zone matching and gating platform, as breakthrough solution to reduce transaction fraud risk.

The geo-verification platform brings GPS-like accuracy to indoor locations and can operate on application processor or cloud-based server to run location authentication within mobile device (e.g., cellular phone or connected tablet) chipsets to process "geo-fence" zone matching or related "Proximity-to-Transact" algorithms. XYverify can achieve seamless transition between outdoor and indoor navigation by combining real-time cell tower and A-GPS location information with a multitude of trustworthy out-of-band sources and MEMS sensors, processing them right on mobile device or via cloud-based server interface.